Tea time

Tea time

Don't over-boilDoers doing this DoAction have pledged to save: 6197 kg CO2

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The DoNation - Tea Time -- water mark on kettle

Whether you're a devo-tea of a builder's brew, coffee or hot chocolate, it's time to put your mettle to the kettle. We are a nation of tea addicts, there’s no denying it. We glug down about 165 million cups of tea a day, and 70 million cups of coffee, yet 2/3 of us boil far more water than we need.

Only boil what you need – any extra and you’re wasting time, money, and valuable energy.



Time is money. And so is electricity. You could save £7 a year from your electricity bills by only boiling what you need1. Every little helps!


A watched kettle never boils… especially an overfilled one.  Why wait around for water you don't need to boil when you could be sitting supping a beautiful beverage?

30 million

litres of water are boiled every day in the UK only to go cold again2


Climate change

Pretty straightforward really: unnecessary boiling = wasted electricity = easily avoidable carbon emissions.


It’s not rocket science, just fill the kettle with what you need.

  • Do the tea call before you boil – check how many people you’re making for (and pick up brownie points while you’re at it).

  • To save you measuring the cup each time, why not draw a marker on your kettle (if it doesn’t already have one) showing how much is needed to fill your favourite mug?

  • Buy a energy efficient kettle making it nice and easy for you to only boil enough water for what you need. The Guardian recommends some top eco-kettles here

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