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jasonwatson: 140 mile bike ride from whitehaven to sunderland

from 26 May 2012 - 27 May 2012 in whitehaven to sunderland

Do you like suporting good charaties ?

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what i am doing is cycling through the Northern Lakes and over the Pennines stopping off in Alston, at the 70-mile halfway point. which will be my designates campsite for the night, after a nice good old sleep on the rock hard floor in the tent, I will then be ready to tackle day 2. cycling through the lovley countryside passing through Allenhead and through stanhope whilst taking in the amazing souranding's.
when I arrive at consett me and me pal andrew black might have a little rest for 5 before cycling to sunderland passing the stadium of light football ground's and arriving at roker,where i will be greeted of my lovley son and family.

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