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Earth Day

Earth Day: Earth Day - do something

Pledges 20 Saves 1078KG CO2

The DoActions

DoAction 01Veg outVeg outVeg outMake meat a treatDoAction 02On yer bikeOn yer bikeOn yer bikePedal your way aroundDoAction 03Clean your billsClean your billsClean your bills*Switch to a green energy supplierDoAction 04Snakes & laddersSnakes & laddersSnakes & laddersDraught proof your homeDoAction 05Just hangingJust hangingJust hangingAir-dry your clothesDoAction 06Cool cleaningCool cleaningCool cleaningWash your clothes at 30°CDoAction 07Get groundedGet groundedGet groundedTake one less flightDoAction 08Soak in the sunSoak in the sunSoak in the sunSolar thermal water heatingDoAction 09Tap itTap itTap it*Drink tap, use bottleDoAction 10Smart driveSmart driveSmart driveDrive with smooth styleDoAction 11Tea timeTea timeTea time*Don't over-boilDoAction 12Feed the earthFeed the earthFeed the earthCompost your food wasteDoAction 13Passion fashionPassion fashionPassion fashionDress yourself sustainablyDoAction 14Step upStep upStep upLift yourself up the stairsDoAction 15Fantastic un-plasticFantastic un-plasticFantastic un-plasticAvoid excessive packagingDoAction 16Computer says noComputer says noComputer says noTurn it offDoAction 17Eat seasonablyEat seasonablyEat seasonablyEat local, seasonal foodDoAction 18TintinTintinTintinRecycle - you know it's goodDoAction 19PC PowerPC PowerPC PowerAdjust your computer powerDoAction 20Sun powerSun powerSun powerSolar-powered electricity generationDoAction 21All made upAll made upAll made upGive home made giftsDoAction 22Start sharingStart sharingStart sharinglend, borrow and share your stuffDoAction 23Do dietDo dietDo dietTread lightly, literally DoAction 24Do moreDo moreDo moreEncourage others to DoDoAction 25Walk onWalk onWalk onWalk. It’s that simple.DoAction 26Shower powerShower powerShower power*take short sharp showersDoAction 27Fish foodFish foodFish foodEat sustainable fishDoAction 28Lag your loftLag your loftLag your loftInsulate to the maxDoAction 29Lift shareLift shareLift shareShare unavoidable journeysDoAction 30Degrees coolerDegrees coolerDegrees coolerTurn the heat downDoAction 31Two-FacedTwo-FacedTwo-FacedPrint double-sidedDoAction 32Run inRun inRun in*Run to your destinationDoAction 33Fag endsFag endsFag endsStop smokingDoAction 34Game offGame offGame offPlug out and play outsideDoAction 35Light the wayLight the wayLight the waySwitch to low energy bulbsDoAction 36Eat upEat upEat upReduce your food wasteDoAction 37Lights offLights offLights offTurn off the lightsDoAction 38VC callingVC callingVC callingMeetings without the travel

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